Sunday, October 15, 2006

Learn Engrish with the Zuiikin Gals

Too fat? Too lazy to go gym? It's time for some aerobics with the Zuiikin Gals. By the way, they teach Engrish too.


HuiChuan said...

For the convenience of those who has yet to watch this or need the lyrics to the tune:

"How dare you say such a thing to me!

You drive me crazy!

Don't make fun of me

It's your fault that this happened!

Leave me alone!

I can't stand the sight of you

Hasta la vista, baby."

There you go, 6 perfect sentences in English, which is all u need to do what the Zuiikin gals (and their uncles...) do best! Haha!

a passing cloud said...

There are others in this series. If only Malaysians were this lame, we'd be famous. Maybe we should make a similar video for Visit Malaysia 2007.