Saturday, January 20, 2007

Blistering Post This Is!

Those whom I've been in more regular contact with in RL (real life) might know that I've been atrociously busy at work. Yes, work is stealing my precious time, energy and... youth. My eyebags are back with a vengence and a huge gawking zit is freeloading on the prime spot of my face: at the confluence of my eyes, eyebrows and nose. It is bloody annoying as I'm trying to make an impression these days. Certainly, this is not it.

Yesterday was one of the busiest days of my life, which culminated from an overall mad week. My company, being one that does everything from ads to PR to events to TV productions, has been gearing up for a CNY TV production called 'Dreams Come True'. The recording was at Pyramid yesterday, so, after setting up till late the night before and starting the day slightly after noon, I... met the sampling girls and tried to arrange for a table for them, failed, carried down two buntings by myself and got 'lost', resulting in unnecessary embarrassment as I was literally a walking billboard, carried down a table myself since the guards refused to help, met printer for a bit just to check the colour in the test print for an unrelated advertising job, rushed backstage for a new tablecloth since the original one was wayyyy dirty, went back up and down again but with some water for the sampling girls since I messed up the arrangement earlier, rushed to meet wern--who was there shopping--for lunch, rushed to toilet (the first of half a dozen times... just kept drinking water and releasing it again in the loo), had half a dodgy shepherd's pie, but as wern says, the company was better than the pie, met up with client immediately after to discuss print ad, got digital beta tapes from him; halfway, got call from lorry driver who was bringing the foodstuff for the goodie bags so had to rush to meet him (but luckily, the client came along and we figured out where he was [loading bay] and managed to get the stuff to the backstage), after client left, I arranged for boss to prepare invoice for client for bunting stands, then, walked over to hon ming's dental surgery to borrow his digital camera to take photos of the event / live shoot, walked back, feet starting to ache from all the running about, blister was forming... met another client who was filling up the goodie bags, by this time, other colleagues had started arriving, went away to buy a pair of slippers as the back of my foot was really a goner, stumbled in and out of three shops before deciding on one, changed into slippers, walked back to stage, started arranging chairs and later, labelling them, started arranging buntings, had really yucky dinner from TAJ CURRY HOUSE. SUCKS, started taking pics, guests arrived, checked that client's tvcs were playing, then client arrived again, took photos. took photos. took photos. then we had a technical problem--one of the major hardware died, so we had to wait for them to deliver a replacement. took photos. walked walked walked walked walked walked walked--was so glad I bought the slippers--more pics. walk. pics. walk. pics. walk. pics. walk, took pics of the event's hosts for the flyer which I've to do after this, after the shoot was done, packed up, collected tapes from car to pass to colleague, cleaned up, took down buntings, packed stands, went home, downloaded pics to comp. slept.

Okay. I don't expect you to read all that by the way. Just felt like looking productive. Anyway, it sure explains the volcano on my forehead. And the hot springs (pictured below) on my feet. Sigh.


thundered cat said...

your close-ups are beautiful and disgusting at the same time. amazing.

a passing cloud said...

Err... like beautifully disgusting or disgustingly beautiful? Maybe you just have a foot fetish, you sick freak!

Kidding-lah aiyoh.

Actually the pics were quite a challenge to take cos the lens was 55mm-200mm and I had to get the camera real far away before it could focus. So posing was a bit of a stretch... literally.

HuiChuan said...

busy...busy. err...u had to use a DSLR to take those pics? Not exactly happy feet...i'd agree with rachael, disgusting!!! :P

Voon said...