Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Designer's Zoo

At the office dinner, someone (a guy) was gushing on about the movie 300 yet again.

"You simply must watch it. It's sooooo good. You know the battle of..." (Here he rattles off the film's historic background and how gobsmackingly brilliant this bunch of 300 Spartans were in defeating an army of a few hundred thousand.)

"Oooh, must watch then," says a female colleague. "3000, right?"

"300! Not 3000!" I exclaim.

A pause, then...

"Ohmygawd! I thought that movie was called Zoo!" she says, as those around the table start laughing and teasing her.

I stare in shock and awe. Somewhere up there, the stars have gamingly aligned for the first of April.

Zoo, anyone?

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