Friday, July 27, 2007

Mating season

I have spotted an opportunity for baby bunnies to exist. I have seen the flashing neon sign, alternating between "Single & Available" and two hearts overlapping as one. I smell sweet love in the air.

The two suitors don't know it yet, but I have *evil* plans. Recently, I found out that a colleague of mine has a rabbit, and not just a rabbit, a female rabbit! And not just a female rabbit, a FEMALE ANGORA RABBIT!!!!

She's brown like Lump and a cutie (though Rach thinks she's on the hairy side). Look at this picture I stole off the owner and judge for yourself:

Potential girlfriend #1

Her name's Raisin. I like her eyes—they look so much more gentle compared to Lump's 'how-can-I-outsmart-my-owner' look (and is that mauve mascara?). Given a male bunny's natural stamina, I guess he's also distressed that he's still a virgin.

Now I've only got to convince Raisin's owner that both rabbits would totally dig a romantic evening out frollicking in some garden, and that depriving them of that would be a devastatingly cruel act against the laws of love. Hmmmmrrrmph.


lainie said...

ooh. cute. so very very very cute!

Anonymous said...

the rape of raisin...poor girl

a passing cloud said...

OMG... did I just get a comment from 'lainie' of Lainie Yeoh-the-prolific-blogger fame? Muahahahaha. I'm famous!!! :D

But yes, cute. Very cute.


Anonymous: No animals should be harmed during this social experiment, so I guess the owners will step in if things get violently kinky.

Anonymous said...

When are you taking Lump for grooming? The big date's coming up!

a passing cloud said...

anonymous: once the big date's confirmed, I'll pack him off to the groomer to get a bath (do they even offer baths?), nailcut and fur trimming. But I don't know any rabbit groomers... :( Does anyone? It's hard doing it myself (or having my mum do it) cos Lump will struggle to get away. And I'm afraid I might hurt him if I tried cutting his nails.