Sunday, September 24, 2006

Chronicles of Oz (Part 2)

(The writer apologises for not regaling you with tales of adventure and misadventure from Brisbane earlier. But it's been two months since those events took place, so she figures it's too late now anyway. So here you go... more pictures, with some brief descriptions. Hope you don't mind.)

The highlights of Brisbane were:
* Staying with Uncle Bill and Aunty Joni—Wern's aunt's sister—and their household of two Taiwanese and one Japanese exchange students
* Waking up REALLY 7am every day
* Riding the Superman Escape in Movie World, which goes from 0-100km in 2 seconds
* Walking, walking, walking
* More walking in national parks, kangaroo reserves, forest reserves, weekend markets
* Having a kookaburra steal a barbecued sausage from out of my hand
* Petting koalas and feeding kangaroos at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
* Trying out kayaking, at the lake at the back of Aunty Joni's house
* Seeing a singer-songwriter do a really cool cover of Big Yellow Taxi at the Eumundi weekend market
* Spotting koalas, dolphins, hares, wild birds in the wild
* Uncle Bill's crazy, bounding Labrador, 'Hamish'
* Visiting the Brisbane Powerhouse (nothing much but interesting 'feel') and Brisbane Museum
* Lots of sunshine and balmy weather

Brisbane was so much fun. It really was.

Lazy koala at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Awww...this wallaby has his tail between his legs

Aunty Joni gets grossed out by a greedy, slobbering kangaroo. Notice its bigger feet and um, clawed hands?

Sheep are pretty stupid. Luckily they're cute

Feeding a wallaby, which slobbers less compared to a kangaroo

Uncle Bill at Noosa Heads National Park. Being a 6+-footer, he left us wayyyyy behind

Some bird poised on a tree on a bright winter's day

Some hive stuck on a tree. I don't wanna know what's inside

Standing on the edge of this cliff was freaky. A mis-step, and I'd be gull-feed. My knees actually felt wobbly

Somewhere, E.T. is listening in to all the crappy radio music

Can you spot the moon in this pic?

The Brisbane sun's superb when you need self-portraits

(Lame description here)

All Brisbane's electricity boxes are painted by different artists

This one here's in Chinatown... a rather seedy part of town

The Great Superman Escape. Super fun. Rode it twice. Guaranteed to make you feel years younger. :)


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