Sunday, September 24, 2006

Girls' Day

The girls reigned supreme today. The guys had futsal in the morning. Period. The girls had a muscle toning session (while polishing the floor with their butts--how multitaskingly efficient!), a manicure lesson (buff or colour?), and a juicy juicing session with celery and green apples. Grrrrls rule! Grrrr!

So here are some of my favourite pictures from the event. My camera's getting a bit screwed though (Grrr!). Looks like something's wrong with the optical unit--the same problem happened before and I had to change the whole thing. Cost me over a hundred bucks, and the camera was *just* over a year old. If it doesn't deteriorate any further, I guess I can still live with it... If you notice, there's a faint dark line on the top/left side of the pictures. Hope it doesn't get worse.

I forget whose nails these are. Any takers?

Hey! You missed a spot!

I know whose feet these are... smelly smelly

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