Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Today, for the first time in my life, I felt deeply ashamed of my country. Next year, Malaysia's first astronaut will go into space, where he will 'do what no one in space has done before': play 'batu seremban', spin traditional Malay tops ('gasing'), paint batik motifs and make 'teh tarik'. The cost of sending him to space? RM95 million, compliments of taxpayers who have no control over how their money should and should not be used. The Higher Power argue that we're getting this trip for free, after buying some Russian space shuttle. Right. By now, our politicians should know enough about sweeping 'additional' costs under the carpet and charging an arm and a leg for it.

For a leadership that is elected, there should be accountability to her people. Sadly, there is none whatsoever. It is shocking how stupid (I mean this in the most literal way) many of Malaysia's leaders are, brandishing their racist remarks into the microphone over national TV with keris in hand in the recently concluded UMNO General Assembly. Andthe reason for this posthow millions can be wasted on a fantastically irrelevant space stunt. Outsiders are even calling us 'Malaysia Bodoh'. Will this be the reason tourists flock by come Visit Malaysia Year 2007? To laugh firsthand at our looming towers of foolishness and waste?

Wake up, Malaysia's leaders. This is not 1969. In 2006, any Tom, Dick and Harry with US$20 million can book a holiday in space.

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HuiChuan said...

...coz it ain't right just to brandish stupidity in front of the mirror. A great ownership of folly has to be displayed for the betterment of mankind who might gain a lesson or two at whatever the cost. That is the novelty and beauty of pride…