Wednesday, November 29, 2006

United & Mosquito Bites

I apologise for not writing. Not that anyone reads what I write here anyway. Oh well, hell.

So I've started a new job. It requires much multi-tasking, as it's a small company and you tend to dip your feet in this and that. Or maybe it's like swimming in a pool of Paddlepop colours. Yes, work's been taking up a lot of my time.

But I did manage to catch United's concert last Friday. It was GREAT!! That sorta upped my spiritual life a bit; the music was great, much better than PS. The buffed-up guitarist has the loveliest clear voice. The bassist was this cool understated dude with a freaking ugly shirt. His bass solo, leading up to Amazing Grace, was da bomb. All in all, it was a nice experience worshipping with the United team. I just wonder if they're gonna stop dressing so emo... the tight jeans and shirt ain't exactly sightly.

Then last weekend, I attended my youth's Core Group Planning Retreat. It's my last year as a Core Superviser, so I still got to attend for free. Muahaha. It was a good break even though I'd only started work recently. Despite the many mosquito bites that continue to plague me with a terrible itch, I've come away from Bukit Tinggi more refreshed and spiritually encouraged. Thanks to all Core Leaders for the fun time! (Not that any of you read my blog anyway.)

Okies... work calls. It leaves me tired and sleepy, but it's work. I'm looking forward to my first pay cheque since too long ago.


HuiChuan said...

Cool! Glad you had a good time, ie. with some spiritual boosters too..Yeah, the thought of a first pay cheque is cheques are worth the excitement anyway after a long month of hard work. Yeah, and not everyone does not read your blog...and since i am not a CORE member...hmm...dunno if you are right! Have a nice day :)

Evelyn said...

Hey, I read yr blog so the statement bout 'no CORE members read yr blog' is false ; )

a passing cloud said...

Evie: You are a minority. Or the oddity. No other Core fella reads this. And maybe it's good for them that they don't. Corrupts the mind. Wahaha.

P/S: Anyway you only begin official duties next year. So not counted. :P

Grace Choo said...

And I read your blog too ok, although I'm no longer a CORE Group leader, but eh, all the way from Canada!

Eh, new job! Where? Do tell!