Monday, June 12, 2006


Since 11+am today, we've been feeling tremors in our office building. My paranoid self says it's probably another earthquake and corresponding after-shocks going on in Indonesia. My colleague says it's some construction work going on somewhere behind the office. (The nearest Caterpillar was spotted two blocks away though — too far to cause our partition glass to shake and our fats to tremble like they did.) Rachel has tuned in to a live earthquake watch website, but so far, nothing that fits the timeframe has been reported. I remember though, that the last time I felt tremors in my old office—and which were later confirmed as after-shocks—our search on the Internet at that hour yielded zero results. I'm not sure if it's psychological, but I'm beginning to get a headache — a definite symptom of after-shocks. If I concentrate harder, I might even begin to feel nauseous. Oh no, I think I can't work!

It's definitely time to go home.

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