Saturday, June 17, 2006

Scott free... almost

Thirteen hours more, and I'll be off on my month-long vacation! I've calculated that I'll be on eight different planes within that duration. I hope I don't get airsick with all the hours up there. I don't have a good stomach for travel. If you believe in prayer, you can pray for me. Otherwise I might just try to consume as much alcohol as I can up there - it's free and for a good purpose, I'm sure. (Though they say it's bad cos it dehydrates you; I bet they're lying just to save costs.)

And I'm bringing my work along! Yes, nothing like good 'ol work to keep your blood pressure up and heart beating while on a holiday. Thanks to that spell where I was so excited I kept procrastinating, I have now on my plate: one music review, one movie review, one book review, one feature article.

I should be paid in Aussie dollars.

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